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Welcome to our Nutritional Supplements Program

Healthy assortment of yellow foods
Why use Supplements?

While we know that it is far more advantageous to get your nutrients from your daily fruits and vegetables, we understand that every patient's lifestyle and needs are unique. Depending on your age, diet, and level of activity, most patients require some supplementation to achieve their goals, or to simply feel healthier.

Why Metagenics?

At Trinity Chiropractic and Rehab, we believe in providing our patients the highest quality of care. That is why we have partnered with Metagenics, a reputable company that provides physician-grade supplements and nutrition for over 30 years. 


A Commitment to Quality

Since the supplement industry is not regulated by the FDA, it becomes critical to know what you are consuming. For example, there have been several reports on over the counter fish oils contaminated with traces of mercury and other heavy metals. Other supplement companies have falsely reported the amounts of vitamins and minerals in their products.

That is why Metagenics spends over $3.5M a year on 3rd party testing of their products and ensures the accuracy and purity of their supplements.  Metagenics also spends approximately $7 million in research and development of its products, to provide the most beneficial and effective forms of nutritional supplements.

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